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Purpose & Identity

Purpose & Identity

Uncover Your Unique Identity and Step Into Your Purpose

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Discovering who you are versus who you’ve had to become is one of the greatest journeys you can take in this lifetime.

Over the course of six expertly crafted exercises spread throughout this Vision Guide, you'll be prompted to reflect, identify key themes, and summarize your findings into paragraphs that will form your personalized Big Vision: a 1-page document that succinctly and powerfully conveys who you are and your core drivers for life, leadership, and relationships.

Our leaders hang their personalized documents in their homes and offices and say they are vital to living into their purpose on the daily.

*Includes a physical workbook (pictured) and 30-day access to supplemental videos on the Pursue Whole platform.


  • 7.5" x 9.5" dimensions
  • Binding: Perfect bind PUR
  • Page Count: 68
  • Paper: Cougar, uncoated, 80#
  • Extras: Select Perforated Pages & Removable Envelope
  • 100% recyclable materials
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Take a Look Inside

Uncover: There are 6 sections of the Purpose and Identity Vision Guide.

Watch: At the start of each section, you’ll be prompted to watch a video from our co-founders that will provide context, education, and/or inspiring stories that relate to the following exercise in the workbook.

Guidance: Following each video, you will complete the Reflect, Review, and Resolve sections of the workbook, allowing you to craft a final 1-page document that succinctly sums up your Core Purpose and Unique Identity.

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How It Works

Exclusive Digital Content

Each of the 6 sections of the Purpose and Identity Vision Guide opens with a video from Andy that will supplement your work in the workbook.

** Video access is available for 30 days. Rest assured, this timeframe provides ample room to engage with all 6 sections of the Vision Guide

Written Exercises

After watching the Chapter video, you'll be prompted to complete the three sections of each chapter: Reflect, Review, and Resolve.

Each Resolve section will be copied into your 1-Page Big Vision at the end of the process.

Summarized Big Vision

After completing all 6 chapters of the Purpose and Identity Vision Guide, you'll consolidate your statements from the Resolve sections and place them into the provided Big Vision Template. We offer both a tear-out page of the template and a digital version. Use whichever is your preference, or both!